Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perfume Rookie

I am a perfume rookie.  I am one of the last people you would think would become intoxicated by the world of fragrance. For one, I have a terrible sense of smell, impaired for much of my life by a deviated septum which even after surgery (and no, that is not code for "I had a nose job", thank you very much) doesn't seem to smell much better.  For two, the world of design, beauty, and fashion - which is very much intwined with perfume - has never been my thing.  High end for me means Banana Republic.  As opposed to Old Navy.

But then I moved to Paris.  I came to Paris for my husband's job, with my primary role in the city of lights being stay-at-home-mom.  My discovery of perfume happened one afternoon in October, a few months after our arrival, when I participated in a tour of niche perfume houses through an anglophone cultural organization here in Paris. I was hooked.    In the months since then, I have started reading more, smelling more, and even finally purchased my very first perfume.  That's right. I'm 32 years old and now own my first perfume.  Perfume rookie, I'm telling you.

I find myself intrigued by perfume, by the artistry and the emotional experience that comes along with scent.  This blog is not intended to be another set of perfume reviews, or discussions on industry trends.  My hope is to get to know the world of perfume, particularly the world of niche perfumes here in Paris, and to share what I find and learn.

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